Healthier Living without Pharmaceuticals

Your body has its way of healing itself. While this might not be the case for severe illnesses and conditions, simpler ailments like minor pain and discomfort can usually be alleviated without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Popping pills isn’t the answer to every problem. Sometimes, the natural way is better.


Sleep is your body’s way of cooling things down and healing itself. Lack of sleep can leave you aching, stunned, and even suffering from migraines. 8-10 hours of sleep might not even be enough, especially after a tiring and stressful day. Regular and scheduled sleep is also essential as it allows your body to maintain a proper biological clock. Avoid artificial light a few hours before you turn in. Avoid the television, tablets, and smartphones; they mess with your head and tell your body that it’s still daytime.


The sun makes you happy — chemically happy. Exposure to the sun prompts the production of serotonin in your body. Serotonin balances your mood and gives you a feeling of euphoria. Bright sunlight during the mornings also reset your biological clock, priming your body for the day ahead. Try to get under the morning sun for a few minutes a day. It will brighten you up and give you a boost of energy.


In a study that tracked more than 200,000 people from different parts of the globe and spanning for 35 years, researchers found that any amount of exercise reduces your chances of dying (from all causes) by 27 percent. Running was particularly effective in preventing heart disease, with runners decreasing their chances of dying from cardiovascular diseases by 30 percent. Regular exercise controls your weight, ensuring fewer aches and pains as you get old. The rush from exercising also produces endorphins that boost your mood and keeps you happy.

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Herbal Medicine

Even doctors can attest to the efficacy of certain herbal medicines. While turning to nature isn’t suggested for all ailments, especially the more serious ones, herbal medicine can provide alternative treatments for mild symptoms and slight pain. Herbal medicine is milder than pharmaceutical drugs. It doesn’t raise your tolerance to the medication at the same rate pharmaceuticals do, reducing the risk of dependency and addiction. Herbal medicines have fewer chemicals and toxins and are a lot easier on your kidneys.

Alternative Healing

Acupuncture, deep meditation, reiki, and many other alternative healing practices have been proven safe and effective in treating particular ailments. These methods are a form of natural therapy that can complement — not replace — standard treatments and therapies. You might need a training provider to learn the various healing methods, especially if you want to practice them at your own home or with the people you care for. Not every healing method is safe and effective, but those that have stood the test of time (sometimes in centuries) are usually deemed reliable and useful.

Pills are not the answer to every ailment. Keep your body healthy by following healthy practices and explore natural medicine and healing methods that could reduce your dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.

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