Things to Know Before CDL Training

This video is by a trucker, and he’s here to tell you 10 things you should know about CDL training before you sign up. He says there’s no guarantee you’ll get your license by the time you finish the course. The good thing is that the schools are there to help you pass the test. But they can’t teach you how to drive a truck.

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You can learn everything they teach by yourself by studying the manual. Attending school isn’t required in some states. He says that the instructors should ideally be experienced truck drivers. And the size of the class and the number of instructors can affect how much attention you get. You might not even get much time behind the wheel during the course.

The CDL manual has a lot of the stuff you’ll be learning. You may save some cash by first studying on your own. It’s hard to know how likely you are to pass the test before you go to school. Find out the school’s policy in case you fail.

The presenter stresses the importance of doing your homework. Other things the video covers include the chances of actually passing. It also tells how much retakes might cost and why picking the right school in the first place is a big deal. All good points to think about.


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