Vital Discoveries About Your Child’s Overall Development

Knowledge is power, and that principle can apply to almost anything in life. This is especially true for parents who want the best for their children. They would need to know more about the focus of their affections in order to be effective guardians. What’s amusing is that for such a small bundle of joy, a baby or toddler also holds loads of surprises regarding their growth and development. Therefore, let us discuss some of the most essential development details about babies and toddlers that parents need to know.

Children Are Physically Optimized

You can’t keep up with your kid’s exuberance and energy? Well, that is perfectly understandable. Studies have shown that a typical two-year-old toddler is more energetic and active than any other time of his life thereafter. Their mental capacity to learn and discover is also boosted with physical activity. Therefore, it is important to find expert toddler classes in Phoenix for your child. These professionals know how to effectively maximize your child’s energies for their improvement and learning. After all, you shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to your toddler’s mental, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Toddlers Are Nice to Strangers

This fact may sound alarming to you as a parent who intends to keep their children from possible harm. However, studies show that they do have existing social skills and can act charmingly toward people outside of their family circles. This may be because they are used to their parents and are more open to showing off their “naughty” sides to them. Another reason is that kids reserve exposing their true feelings to unfamiliar people because they’re unsure of the reactions they’ll receive. Whatever the reason, you should instruct your child about “stranger danger” for their own safety’s sake.

Kids Learn Faster than Adults

Mother and daughter reading a book

It’s a fact that toddlers can retain an impressive amount of information. An example is the capacity of a two-year-old kid to understand and memorize at least ten words daily on their own. Their cerebral cortex, which controls voluntary movement, memories, and opinions, produces more than two million brain cell connectors every second. By the time they turn into toddlers, their brain would already have more than a hundred trillion synapses. This is how they manage to gather and store knowledge faster than adults. Take note that you should be careful with how you act around your kids because they will observe and mimic your actions.

These are not-so-common data about toddlers, and it’s not surprising that many adults may even doubt them. However, studies and research have proven the accuracy of these findings. Applying these said data about your child in your parenting methods can mean a lot to your toddler’s improvement in life. As a parent, this is your chance to make a difference in your offspring’s formative childhood years. It would be mostly up to you what your kids will remember and retain from their childhood. These same memories can actually make or break their future, so take them seriously.

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