Two Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Great Values to Kids

As parents, you only want what’s best for your children. You want them to do well in school and be competitive to reach their full potential. But more parents today are invested in teaching values and high moral standards to their little ones. How children behave outside their house reflects how their parents act and treat them at home.

If you want your kids to exemplify good moral standards and grow up as responsible adults, you should not rely solely on the elementary curriculum of schools in Gilbert, AZ. Children first learn values at home and from their parents, and schools can reinforce these values once they start schooling.

Eating Dinner Together

Eating together stimulates conversation and listening, as parents and kids equally share in the discussion. These casual and usually fun conversations involve a lot of teaching and learning that you might not notice. But it is actually during these times that most family problems are worked out and resolved.

Parents can make this mealtime a positive experience for everyone by actively listening. Allow kids to talk about their bad day, for instance. Ask them about their friends, what they did during break at school, the new things they learned for the day.

Children are eager to contribute to the family when they feel that their opinions are acknowledged. Kids who feel listened to are more comfortable sharing their thoughts with their parents. And often, problems are solved sooner while they are still small.

Reading Together

father reading a book to his children

At this time of wide technology and gadget use, parents are kept occupied by their mobile phones while they allow their little ones to spend more than enough time in their tablets. This lessens the personal connection between parents and children. Do not let this happen in your home.

Strengthen your bond further by spending time reading together. Choose Christian stories that are appropriate for your children’s age and interest. There are many books that both younger and older kids can enjoy.

Reading to little kids is an effective way of teaching them about action and consequences. It also helps develop their imagination with a little encouragement from their parents. Help your kids internalize each story by asking them what they would do if they become the character in the book. Let them give the story a different ending if they want.

Allow them to dream and imagine different roles, too. Books inspire imagination, and by reading, everything seems possible. Parents should read for their own pleasure, as well. Kids are very observant, and they will know the value of reading when they see their parents reading as well.

These two simple activities, along with other quality time spent together such as playing outside and encouraging independence, can teach important values to children at home. These may seem like ordinary activities for some, but kids learn good values through the skills they are taught at home and the time they spend with their family. These values are just reinforced with values education that is included in school curriculums.

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