How to Help Teens Pursue Their Creative Passions

Teens are often told to focus on their studies, but many of them also have other passions. They may enjoy writing and drawing or playing music and sports. Perhaps they want to pursue art or music more seriously. If so, it’s important for parents and other adults in a teen’s life to encourage that pursuit—even if it seems impractical at first glance.

While there may be many reasons to focus on academics, creative pursuits can also have real benefits. They can help teens build valuable skills and gain self-confidence, which will come in handy during their college years and beyond. You should encourage your teen to pursue a creative passion for developing his or her full potential. Here are some tips for helping your teen find a creative outlet and make the most of it.


Exposing children to creative activities from an early age can help them develop their interests. Encourage your child to explore the world of art, music, and other creative pursuits by taking them to museums or galleries, exposing them to new music, and letting them play with musical instruments. Oftentimes interests are sparked by a single exposure to something new.

Teens are often very visual, so exposing them to various artistic media can help them find something they enjoy. For example, if your teen likes drawing but doesn’t have much experience with painting or sculpture, take them to an art museum and let them explore the different mediums available.


Encourage your teen’s creative pursuits, no matter how trivial they may seem. Remember that even a child’s interest in finger painting can be the first step toward a fulfilling career as an artist. If your teen is interested in art, try to encourage it. Try to provide your teen with the support and resources needed to explore their creative passions.

But remember that it may be hard for you to get excited about the same things they do, so don’t be afraid to let your teen explore on their own. And never discourage their efforts by saying something like, “Oh, that’s not very good at all!” Instead, focus on what you like about their work—even if it’s just one thing—and praise them for that instead of bashing their efforts.

Enroll them in classes

woman painting in studio with easel and canvas at art class

If your teen is genuinely interested in art, consider enrolling them in classes. You can find various courses and classes at local colleges and community centers. If you have a budding artist on your hands, art school may be the way to go, as well. The beauty of art school is that students will have access to professional artists who can critique their work and give them feedback on how they can improve.

Workshops are also available for all ages and skill levels, so it’s easy to find one that works for your child. They can also be a good way of introducing them to new techniques or mediums they may have yet to be exposed to before. Classes are also an excellent way for them to meet other teens who share their interests and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Stay optimistic

Professionally pursued artistry is a tough road. It’s common for young artists to go through periods where they feel discouraged by their progress or even like they aren’t making any at all. It’s important to remain optimistic and supportive when your child faces setbacks, as this will help them to stay driven and motivated in their pursuit of an art career.

Mental blocks and plateaus in progress can be especially challenging for young artists. It’s essential to help them find ways to work through these periods of discouragement and continue moving forward. This can include mentorship, encouragement, guidance, and support in brainstorming new ideas or projects. Finally, make sure to celebrate successes as they come. Even if it’s a “small” accomplishment, like completing a painting or designing a logo, take the time to enjoy and appreciate your teen’s accomplishments. This will give them a much-needed boost of confidence in their artistic pursuits.

To Wrap It Up

It’s vital to help teens pursue their creative passions. This means providing support and encouragement for their interests, such as art, music, or other creative pursuits. It also means enrolling them in classes to develop their skills further and expose them to new techniques or mediums. Finally, it is essential to stay optimistic and celebrate successes, no matter how small.

With your support, your teen can reach their creative potential and have a fulfilling career in the arts. By providing an encouraging environment, a variety of artistic media to explore, and guidance through any mental blocks or plateaus they may encounter, you can help your teen pursue their creative passions.

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