Supporting Your Husband in His Start-Up: What Can You Do?

It must be said that husbands are a little more precarious in the start-up business because they have the security of their families to think about. This is why most self-starting entrepreneurs are single or if ever married, are usually women.

That is why it is important to commend your man for leaping faith if he wants to let go of the “security” that his present job holds and instead follow his passion. As a wife, how do you best support him? It’s not an easy road and he will need all the help he can get so read on to get some tips:

Be Ready to Run Some Errands for Him

It may take some time before your husband can contact a CDL driver staffing company to run his fleet of trucks for him so you and your van will have to do for now. Get ready to get down and dirty doing deliveries, meeting up with clients, driving him around town if need be. At times when he is busy working out kinks in his business, volunteer to run down the store and get him some of his favorite snacks.

His Business Is Your Business Now

Whatever it is that he is doing, you need to be up there with him. Even if it’s something that you’ve never had an interest in before like supplying car accessories to different auto shops, or running a bicycle repair shop, now’s the time be so. Not only do you need to be interested, but you also have to speak the language of his business. Read up on the nature of his product or service. Hang out with him (when you can) and learn the ropes.

Be His Personal Advertiser

It goes without saying that you are going to be a walking talking billboard for your husband. Not only because you are loyal to him but because you believe in his product. If you can be his social media manager, go ahead and do it, at least only in the beginning. Start with your circle of friends and your family. Talk about your business with the people you meet.

Be His Number One Critic

Probably the most important thing you need to do is be brutally frank about certain aspects where you need to be. If his homemade donuts are bland, you need to speak up. If he is a bit off on the social media site, tell him your point of view. Be frank but don’t be harsh.

Positive Affirmations

married couple in the sofa

Everyday. Every time you can. Remember that what he is doing is especially difficult. Remind him about what an amazing father, husband, and provider he is. Always give him the strength to go on. Sometimes, when words cannot be said, a hug and a kiss are more than enough.

Your role as a wife doubles when your husband decides to go for his passion project. Now you’ve got to put on your business hat as well. Always remember though that you are his wife first and what he needs most from you is your unconditional love and support.

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