Student Business Ideas and Startup Opportunities to Explore

As a student, juggling between studies, socializing, and now running a business can seem impossible. However, college is an opportune time to explore entrepreneurship. There are plenty of remarkable business ideas that college students can explore that don’t demand a lot of time commitment and funds to keep them rolling.

Below are some ideas you will find befitting for a student’s lifestyle.

On-Campus Delivery Service

Do you think you have all it takes to run an on-campus delivery service that can be coupled with errand services? There are thousands of delivery needs within the campus; you just need to research well.

Students, university staff members, and lecturers are constantly looking for someone to pick a package and deliver it right to their doorstep.

If you have the time, you can provide these services at a fee, seeing that you are conversant with the routes, hostels, offices, and halls in school. You will need some means of transport such as a scooter or bicycle, a phone to get in touch with your clients, and a strong basket for transporting your clients’ packages safely.

Online Courses for University and College Classes

If you’ve been doing exceptionally well in class, you understand the concepts perfectly and have a strong specialty and interest in a particular set of college units, that is a business resting right under your arms.

You can create videos and tutorials that guide students on the methodologies and concepts behind the course. You could also pursue a business trade qualification to gather more skills to grow your business. The course will also increase the number of online training you can offer at a fee. Remember not to borrow too much from other online courses to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

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Residential or Hostel Cleaning Services

You know how hectic college life can get. Sometimes the course work could leave no time to do the laundry and clean your apartment. That’s a problem most students identify with, so why not look for a solution?

You can start a residential or hostel cleaning service business to provide cleaning and laundry services to students and staff members residing within the campus. Off-campus students are also a great target audience. Find great marketing strategies to get your services out there, and you will be good to go.

Babysitting and Child Care Services

Are you naturally good with kids? Try out babysitting or taking care of kids during your free time. Many parents don’t have the luxury to hire full-time nannies and could use some help during their working hours.

You could get creative and assemble some of your friends who would be interested in providing your babysitting services. Create a website that parents could read more about your services and book babysitting services. You might want to see what requirements are set by authorities in your area of residence before you begin providing the baby care services.

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Remote working is a great business model for college students, especially because it allows them to work from anywhere. The growing need to have virtual personal assistants can be your business’s point of focus.

As a virtual assistant, you will be required to aid other professionals with their online needs such as transcribing, converting data sets in excel, and data entry. You could organize a team of interested parties, search for clients, and delegate the tasks. It is a simple business that only requires a computer, basic skills, and a great internet connection.

If you liked any of these business ideas you can implement in college, it is time to try them out. You could also utilize the skills learned in school to accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

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