Practical Self-defense: Taking a Stand or Bringing It Elsewhere

The idea of protecting yourself is now more apparent and necessary, especially when it comes to surviving in the proverbial urban jungle. Danger can, despite all our desire to be safe, lurk in the corner. If you want to increase your chances of survival, then you have to take charge and learn how to toughen up.

Get Trained

One of the best methods of protecting yourself is in training. Without it, people would be running around helpless and exposed in the event of a dangerous attack. However, there aren’t many places that can teach proper response and self-defense as well as practical martial arts. What you can do is to check for lessons online such as active shooter training and then work it out from there.

Know When to Flee

Not every challenge should be met. Real life is nothing like an online argument where the sassiest comeback will win you the fight. In real life, people get shot, stabbed, punched, and thrown around, no matter how big or strong they are. Have a sense of your surroundings and know when to run, going for the safest place you can find. Go for public areas, police stations, hospitals, or anywhere that has a camera so that you can alert authorities if you’re in any kind of danger.

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Focus on Endurance

The strongest between two people isn’t necessarily guaranteed to win. There’s a limit to a person’s strength. The more endurance you have, the bigger your chances of surviving. The movie, Zombieland, spoke about an important rule, and that’s in cardio, where you have to outrun whoever is chasing you. In combat, the smartest and the fastest will have the advantage over those with pure strength. Thus, hone your senses and reaction times.

Have a Contingency Number

Knowing how important smartphones are to practically everyone who has an online personality or profile, you’d best have a replacement phone waiting for you at home or at a friend’s. That said, you should also save your important files in professional cloud storage because it’s going to be difficult to get your data back if your phone gets busted.

Keep Friends Updated

The power of technology is in its ability to bring people up to date with the happenings of the world. If you’re going on a trip on your own or a date with a brand-new person, it’s always a good idea to tell your friends where you’re going just before you disappear for a few hours. Even if they’re not around, you can at least trust that your friends will be waiting for you to come back home or even check up on you in the middle of the date just to make sure you’re okay.

In an ideal world, people would be kinder, less rude, and not as prone to acts of thievery or violence. Unfortunately, society’s got a lot of growing to do before that happens. While it’s still possible, learn to protect yourself and your loved ones in any dangerous situation.

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