Movers and Shakers: Truckers and Society

Trucks move a big part of the economy (literally and figuratively). In the United States alone, the industry generated a revenue of more than $700 billion in 2017 according to a study by the American Trucking Association. Within these figures are 3.5 million truck drivers making their way through the country’s highways, delivering a range of things, from food to construction materials to even electronic supplies. Truckers serve an essential part in our societies by transporting goods to various points across the nation.

Before looking up driver-staffing services for your company, here are some things that you need to know about some of the biggest movers of our economic infrastructure:

There are three main types of truck driver employment.

Owner-operators, company drivers, and independent owner-operators are the primary type of employment for truck drivers. The first type, owner-operators, are those who have ownership over the trucks they drive and can choose to lease their vehicles to a trucking company or haul cargos for companies. On the other hand, company drivers are those who are employed by trucking companies and who drive trucks that are provided by their employer. Lastly, independent owner-operators have the authority to haul goods and usually drive personal vehicles.

They need various qualifications to be allowed to drive trucks.

There are various steps that prospective truck drivers need to accomplish before they can be given the authority to drive a truck on highways. First, they need to pass their state’s regular driver’s license exam. After this, they have to complete the required primary education and professional training for professional truck driving. Next, they need to earn the licenses, registration, and certification necessary for employment opportunities. They then need to find assistance for job placement. Once they find a job, they have to complete their employer’s orientation and training program. Truck drivers need to earn experience since some employers prefer to hire truck drivers who have at least two years of relevant experience for specific jobs.

They can’t speed up their vehicles even if they want to.

Big red truck driving in the freeway

Sometimes, you would find yourself driving behind slow-moving trucks. Exasperated, you might have wondered why they don’t just speed up, especially in cases where the road in front of them is empty. It turns out that some truck drivers do not have a choice in this matter. Some truck engine’s computers are programmed so that they will not be able to speed up. Most companies limit the speed of their trucks, thus making it virtually impossible for the drivers to speed up the vehicle even in cases where they feel like it’s necessary.

We might not think about them often, but truck drivers play a significant role in our economies. They transport various things, from perishables and raw materials to construction equipment or electronic supplies. Through their efforts, the different sectors of society could carry on with their processes. Aside from this, the trucking industry itself contributes much to the national economy. It’s not an easy job, but it’s one that matters.

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