Remote Learning: Keep Your Child Motivated with These Ideas

At home, you juggle many jobs. You prepare food to keep your family nourished. You make sure everything’s to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Now that your children are partaking in remote classes, chances are you’re also like someone maintaining an employee’s morale and wellness, like a motivation consultant.

You know how challenging it is for your kids to keep up with classes conducted on Zoom. After all, you find it difficult yourself whenever you need to conduct online meetings with colleagues. You can empathize with what your little ones are going through. With that said, here’s a little help. To make sure your children stay motivated until the end of the non-face-to-face school year, here are some strategies you might want to adapt.

Explain to them the current situation

There’s a deadly virus wreaking havoc worldwide. People need to quarantine and social distance. That is to curb the spread of COVID-19. That’s why classes are now done online. These things you must explain to your child. And thoroughly, that is.

Just because your child sits with you on the couch while you watch the news or you see them looking at your morning paper, you cannot assume they have a proper grasp of what’s happening. Explain to them that in time the pandemic will end, and things will go back to normal, including classes.

One usual cause of demotivation is confusion about a situation. Make sure your child understands.

Make sure your child has other creative outlets

Sometimes a person who’s lost their motivation needs something inspiring to work on for their passion and zest for life to come back. So have all sorts of outlets for creativity at home. For example, a piano or a keyboard. Or a jigsaw puzzle to keep your child’s brain sharp.

The key is to know what your child’s interests are outside academics. And you must be supportive of those interests.

Allow ample time for rest and recreation

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s an iconic part of the movie The Shining. And you know how that movie goes.

Make sure your child’s mental health does not suffer from the pressure of online learning. And from a prolonged self-quarantine too. Rest and recreation should factor greatly into your little one’s daily schedule. That way, they won’t go berserk on you.

mother teaching her daughter

Do not pressure your child

Your goal is to motivate your child. Not to pressure them. And there’s a difference between those two. Motivation is an act of love. Pressuring is fascist.

You do not want to be fascist. If your seven-year-old calls you a fascist, despite the fascination you will initially feel about your seven-year-old knowing such a big word, it will definitely hurt. So be mild with your reminders. Be gentle with your admonitions.

Be generous with your appreciation

While you’re mild with reminders and gentle with admonitions, you must be generous with your appreciation. If your child gets a virtual star from their teacher, do not hold back with your praises. Express your delight further by preparing a special meal for your little one. Or by letting them have an extra hour with the tablet.

Your goal is to express to your child that you’re on the same boat, on the same team. That way, they can stay motivated, knowing you have their back no matter what.

Have a conducive area at home dedicated to learning

If you have a spacious house and there’s a spare room you use for your kid’s online classes, that’s great. For those less privileged, it’s important to improvise. The rule of thumb is to devote space where your child can focus on learning.

That spot should have a desk and chair suitable to your little one’s frame. Plus, other essentials like sufficient lighting.

Motivation is important. If we want to achieve our goal, we need to set our mind to it. And we need to follow through despite hurdles thrown our way. That’s something you must instill in your child.

Now that your kid’s attending online classes, it’s normal if they feel a little dispirited from time to time. After all, children have been caught off guard by this new and strange system. Before, they only use gadgets for entertainment. And now they’re using it for school too. That can be overwhelming.

But do not let your child be consumed by disinterest or apathy. Make sure they bounce back ASAP. Practice the recommendations above and keep your little one, if not on top of their class, at least in it.

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