How to Make the Most out of an Internship Program

An internship is one of the most thrilling aspects of a student’s life. It is a program designed to give students a real-world experience of the field they are majoring in. Some colleges and universities include internships into their requirements to earn a degree. Some students apply for an internship program even if their degrees don’t require it. Those who want to gain experience in their chosen industries will do well applying classroom theories in a real-life setting.

Aside from the soft and hard skills you will learn, around 43% of interns have also received job offers at the end of the program. If you impress the company enough with your knowledge and work ethic, you may find yourself with a job contract even before you officially graduate. So, with that in mind, internships can bring a lot of pressure.

Treat It Like a Job

And why shouldn’t you? Interns usually receive a stipend or allowance from the company where they are undergoing training. You can enroll in an SGUnited Skills programme, too, wherein participants are given training allowance and other benefits. Along with an allowance, you also have the opportunity to learn industry-relevant skills that will improve your employability once you are ready to join the workforce.

Even though these programs usually last between six months to a year, treat it as if you’re going to be there for the long haul. Don’t be late and do what you’re supposed to do. No one expects you to be perfect, but always come to work with the mindset of a winner.

Be a Little Extra

Some workplaces are so busy that they don’t mind the interns not doing anything. Don’t just sit on the corner and browse your news feed. Reach out to the workers and offer whatever help you can do. Even if it’s the simplest task in the office such as filing papers, take that opportunity to help. You want them to remember you as someone who took the initiative to help the office, and not just that intern who twiddled his thumbs.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

There is no stupid question when you want to learn. In journalism, reporters who ask the simplest and most basic questions are always the brightest. They’re the ones who can make a great report because they know how to clarify things instead of making assumptions. Take the time to chat with your coworkers about the company, industry, and the work they do. Ask all the questions you can and store that information for future use.

Set Specific Goals

What skills do you want to learn during the internship? What are the specific areas in your learning that you need to improve on? Talk about this with your supervisor. They will love to know that you have goals you want to reach. That will also help them guide you throughout the duration of the program.

Make New Connections

The internship is not only a valuable program that will teach you the ins and outs of the industry that you want to join. It is also a golden opportunity to make new connections and expand your network. The people you will meet in the program are the same ones that you will probably work with in the future. Ask for their contact information and keep in touch with them.

A good internship program will shape your knowledge and improve your skills. But more than that, you should also do your part by contributing to the company and working on the tasks assigned to you. Witnessing the ins and outs of the industry you plan to be a part of will give you a better understanding of what you will get yourself into.

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