5 Ways to Encourage Your Couch Potato Kid to Exercise Outdoors

You may have heard the news. Obesity is dangerous. That may come as a surprise to you. But it can also be a wake-up call. Already, experts are pointing a finger at obesity and being overweight as a heavy burden in these trying times when the virus is pummeling America. For one, they are trumpeting statistics that show those who are tipping the scales have a greater risk of succumbing to the virus. And yet, this could be a common refrain for heavy people. Years before, a slew of degenerative diseases, including cancer and heart disease, has been traced to being overweight.

This is exactly why training your kids to live an active lifestyle is spot on. When exercise becomes a habit, it’s easier to prevent being overweight later on in life. While there’s much debate on how much exercise can help in fat loss, we all agree that giving your body an ample dose of exercise every week leads to a more productive you. The problem is adult Americans may not be the best role model in this area. As the Department of Health and Human Services data show, there are but 5% of the total U.S. adult population that exercises at least 30 minutes a day. In short, almost everyone is a couch potato.

The good news is keeping your child off the couch and living a more active lifestyle isn’t a near-impossible task. With tried-and-tested methodologies and a pinch of patience, you should be able to train your child to do what’s right. And make the most of the outdoors.

Be a Role Model

Monkey see monkey do. Well, we certainly are not monkeys, but we mirror what we see in other people, and especially in the people we love. Thus, you may not realize it but you can easily pass bad habits to your child without even suggesting them verbally.

It’s why a great first step for your child to stay off the couch is to see you not staying there the whole day. If you spend countless hours on a Netflix telethon then you shouldn’t be surprised if your kid does too.

But if your child sees you doing a run outside or doing skipping ropes in the front yard, then it paints a great picture in his mind. He will also want to exercise outside the house.

mom and daughter working out

Bear in mind that sweating outside the house has its benefits. For starters, you’ve got the rays of the sun giving you tons of vitamin D for strong bones and stronger teeth. Even better, you clear your lungs and your mind when you step outside. The fresh air outside contains optimal oxygen compared to the air inside. This facilitates blood vessels in the lungs to dilate and cleanse your body’s system.

Take note that if you want to bring the benefits of fresh air outside to your home, employing a home ventilation system should be a wise decision for your part, in this regard. Not only does the mechanical device eliminate toxic air but it replaces it with fresh air straight from outside.

Use Exercise as a Means of Transportation

Take a cue from those skateboarding boys who somehow bring their skateboard to just about everywhere they go. To get your child to exercise more, use exercise as a means of transportation. If possible, walk him to a neighbor or a relative. Or you can also bike him to a public park. Even better, you can take him on to brisk walk through the woods.

Involve the Whole Family

Another great way for you to encourage your child to be active to ensure the whole family is participating in the activities. So as summer is upon us, you can enroll the whole family in swimming lessons. Even when the actual lessons may only involve him but if he sees the whole family there, he’s bound to be excited about it.

Additionally, you can volunteer to coach a baseball team or a soccer team for children. You encourage your youngster to be involved as you yourself are involved. And why not enroll in a martial arts club? Or for that matter, an outdoor adventure club? If these clubs are out of the question, you can always bring the whole family to a park to play Frisbee with the dog.

Focus on Achieving Fun

Now putting your child in a playground doesn’t mean he’s going to play. But if he knows he’d be having tons of fun, chances are he’d jump right in. So aim to have your exercises fun. Be it in sports or in jogging, making sure your child is enjoying it can go a long way for him to do the routine again in due time. Even NFL coaches emphasize the importance of having fun when teaching sports.

Recruit Friends

Things should get a lot easier if your child sees a good friend getting active with him outside. He’d have someone he can relate to. Why don’t you invite some of his best friends to come and join the activity?

If you let the cavalry in, that should help your child become more engaged, not to mention have the time of his life.

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