A Fun and Interactive Time: Make Them Look Forward to Home School

When we look for positives to the ongoing situation we have right now, there are quite a lot. You might consider one of them being home school is the new cool. It’s not in the repetition of day-to-day, but in what you do, that makes home school exciting.

Some people see home school as monotonous, and you can’t blame them. The prospect of going to school without seeing anyone can be boring. There are also the many cam-to-cam chat sessions that most students and teachers undergo, not to mention not going anywhere when the day is through.

That being said, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your child’s home school sessions fun, whether they’re in preschool or already a senior raring to go to college. If you’re interested to find out which these are, read on.

Small Garden Planting: Teach About Health and the Environment

For the younger crowd, discovering new things is simply precious. If you have a little one or even a sixth-grader, you’ll want to teach them about preserving the environment and healthy living through planting a Small Garden. Small gardens are easy to maintain and the crops you can use for these have a double purpose.

When you plant vegetables, eventually, when you harvest them, you can prepare them for your family and even have your kids eating healthy. Who knows? You might even enjoy bonding with your children while doing this activity, which can also be a Zen-like experience for you after work (remotely).

Rent a Telescope: Teach About Space

If you want them to get interested in space or are introducing to them our solar system, you can teach them the basics about Outer Space through a quick trip to the planetarium. You can also introduce them to movies and documentaries about how our solar system works.

For something refreshing, you can rent out metal detectors and go around. Who knows, you might have a rogue meteorite sitting around in your backyard! You can also borrow or rent a telescope to give them a closer look at the stars and the surrounding planets.

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Minecraft or Building Blocks: Teach About Creativity

Foster creativity by making your kids Create. Buy some building blocks to let them create their own structures. This is also helpful if they’re studying Math with angles, or even when they’re trying to visualize a building or a castle.

Speaking of creating something or using blocks to teach in home school, the popular game Minecraft has released an edition called the Education Edition (EE). Since Minecraft is basically building blocks rendered online, students of the home school can go on this app to learn how to build or different concepts. Kids won’t also feel bored, since Minecraft is a popular game played by many. They may even be playing it!

Take a Bike Ride or Walk Around: Teach About Personal Health

At the end of the day, it also pays to Exercise after sitting around for so long. Even during lunch, you and your kids could go out for a quick walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. During these walks and rides, discuss what you’ve just gone through.

You’ll find that these mini exercises could help your children become more alert and active during the resumption of home school. It will also give them something to look forward to when home school’s over—a good bonding experience with you, their parent.

Home school requires active participation for most people at home, the students (your children) learning online, and you, as their overseer. You are also an extension of the educator teaching them online. Consider studying alongside them to be updated with current concepts and modern lessons. You’ll find that it’s not only them that’s getting a learning session during home school; it’s also a refresher for you too, in some way.

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